Maxa F3J-F5J
Maxa Pro
3,5 / 4m --  Light / Windy
  Spannweite: 3,5m / 3,925m
  Länge: 1,73m / 1,86m
  Profil:Joe Wurts
  leer: ab 1410g / ab1500g
  Inhalt (gesamt): dm²
  Maxa 3,5 : 73,84 dm² + 6,76 dm²
  Maxa 4 : 82,16 dm² + 6,76 dm²
  differenziertes Querruder
  optional Elektrorumpf
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Maxa Pro

Maxa Pro is a novelty of the 2014 year. It is based on the using of wings Maxa 3,5 and Maxa 4, well-proven since 2011. Great wind penetration and unique soaring characteristics of profiles and geometry of the wing provide perfect aerodynamics, developed by multiple world champion Joe Wurtz. Continuous optimization of wing design using the newest materials allowed to expand the range of wings from Maxa Ultralight for electric version to high-strength for version Maxa 4 Storm.
We, together with Joe Wurts, have developed an optimal aerodynamics new tail for Maxa Pro during half of year. There have been several custom made pilot models for proof of concept in flight tests.
Targets for Maxa PRO tail optimize was:
- Reducing tail drag,

- Increasing the controllability of elevators and rudder,

- Increase rigid of tail and control system,

- Reduction in the weight of the tail,

- Removable for transport fin.
To meet these ambitious goals , we have made a new elliptical shape tail boom. Stiffness of the beam is increased by more than 2 times and the weight is increasing just of 9% only. The tail boom is narrowed at the end to the thickness of the rudder for reduce aerodynamic drag.
Construction of the fin and stabilizer is construction of Rohacell solid core covering of new ultralight Carboline 26 g / m ². Carbon spars is laid to the slots in the core. Carbon rowing for the spars is pre-stretched and uniformly impregnated into the machine. The spar wall of Carboline is integrated to the Rohacell core.


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