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Rival Abachi
High performance Glider / Electric Glider


Wingspan: 2,80m
Length: 1,30m
Profile: MH 32


Kit Weight: 1490g
Flying Weight (Glider):
Flying Weight (Electric):

Wing Loading

Wing Area: 62,0 dm²


Crow Brakes
Optional Electric Motor


(Posting and Packing extra)


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The RIVAL Abachi is intended for experienced pilot, providing a high performance model of exceptional qualities. This model is a true all rounder, which excels as a high performance glider for the slope or flat field or as an electric glider. The superb glide angle and outstanding handling qualities make the model a delight to fly. The full span flaps combined with the MH32 wing section give the model a wide speed range, from slow circling in the thermals to Aerobatics on the slope, the Rival will fulfil the experienced pilot's every wish. The Crow brakes ensure safe descents from the thermals and precise landings.
The Three-piece Foam veneer wings have an almost full span spar and GRP wing joiners. The Flaps and Ailerons are pre-cut and hinged, the servo cable ducts are prepared and the servo wells machined. The foam veneer tailplane has a symmetrical profile, the mounting holes are drilled to match the fuselage and the elevator is cut and hinged. The wings, tailplane and rudder are covered in Oracover. The White Epoxy GRP Tee Tail fuselage has a trimmed GRP Canopy, the sternpost and motor mounting plates are fitted. The fuselage is designed to allow the elevator servo to be mounted in the base of the fin. The rudder can be connected to the servo with the ready fitted bowden or alternatively the rudder servo can be mounted in the base of the fin and directly linked to the rudder.
For the purist, the glider version will provide exhilarating flying from the slope or the flat field.

Available with either Glider or Electric fuselages.

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