Absolute,Absolute, Absolute



Wingspan: 1,82m
Length: 1,14m
Profile: HD 45


Kit Weight from 790g

Wing Loading

Wing Area: 36,1dm²




Aileron 410.-EUR
Flapped wing 410.-EUR

(Posting and Packing extra)


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Feeling the need for Speed?

Sick of being overtaken by your club mates on high-speed runs then the Kamelot is what you need to move up into the fast lane.
The Kamelot is for those pilots who are seeking a Hotliner that is “something special”.
This new design will meet all your Hotliner needs for the coming years. The HD 45 wing
profile allows speeds that were unthinkable a few years ago. The roomy fuselage offers
plenty of space to fit high performance drives with large Li-poly battery packs.
With a maximum flying weight of 2.5 kg the uncompromising wing construction and carbon
spars allow the pilot to experience the ultimate flying experience. A motor drive system
from Hacker, Kontronik, Lehner, or Plettenberg with 10 to 16 NiMh cells or 3 to 6 LiPoly cells
will provide stunning climbs and outstanding flight performance. With LiPoly cells a flying weight of 1.6 Kilos can be achieved. The model is designed for advanced pilots with
competition ambitions.
The experienced Hotliner pilot will find the model
will fulfil his every demand. The 4 flap wing version extents the speed range and enables
slower landings. The two-piece wing and removable tailplane make the model easy to

Glider DS  /  F5F  /  F5B

Hints and tips on the assembly of the FVK Kamelot (700KB)

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