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Mini DLG
Wingspan: 1,00m
Length: 0,682m
Profile: AG 12-13-14
 Kit weight: 70g
Weight (RTF): 95 gr
Total Area / Loading
Area: 11,66 dm²

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ELF is a new generation of 1-meter wingspan discus launch glider (DLG). ELF allows the pilot to fly in small spaces never before suitable for flying. Thanks to its docile flying traits, ELF will bring joy to pilots of all skill levels and experience.

ELF is an example of modern design approach: it combines the unique design, space age manufacturing techniques and unrivaled craftsmanship with sophisticated simplicity, elegance, and economy price. Comprehensive computer simulation predicted C.G. location with 3mm accuracy and delivered maximum strength with minimum weight. Thanks to unique aerodynamic characteristics designed by Dr. Drela, we achieved impressively controllable, fast flying, light and strong glider with excellent penetration.

Variante - Info
Empfänger:   Graupner XR 12DX iFS
Servo:  2x  Walkera WK-03-1 Digital
Accu:  Turnigy 1s 160 mAh 3,7 V

Variante - Info

Servo: 2x FS 31 Pico von Robbe

Empfänger: R 6004 FF 2,4GHz von Robbe/Futaba
Accu 1s 135-160 mAh 3,7V

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