Dynamix Dynamix Dynamix

Dynamic F5J
F5J GFK / SC-light
Wingspan: 3,45m
Length: 1,635
Profile: JV-F3J
Kit Weight: 1250 g / 1050 g

Flying Weight: g
Wing Loading
Wing Area: 75,16 dm²

Wing Loading : g/dm²

GFK 950,- EUR

SC 1190,- EUR
(Posting and Packing extra)

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Dynamic SC - light

Dynamic GFK

Dynamic, the name says it all. Dynamic and fun in the air are closely linked. This new dream model is beautifully moulded in GRP/CFK construction is extremely light for its size. The model has an incredible dynamic presence and assertiveness in the air. The elliptical shaped wing and transitional aerofoil sections have been optimised to give the model a smooth and predictable flight whilst minimising drag and ensuring the energy retention is exactly as one would expect from a large model. The fully moulded hollow wing construction and carbon spars combine produce a lightweight structure with a high bending and torsional strength. The large canopy allows for a simple R/C installation. The long fuselage moment arm ensures the model is stable when flown at a distance while the optimised polyhedral wing gives excellent handling in the turns and once centred in a thermal very few corrections are needed to keep it in the lift. The slow flight characteristics are remarkable this is a genuine all-rounder which will thrill the most discerning pilot. The design of the model has benefited from competition experience, the influence of the F3J class is undeniable which can only be of benefit to the electric (competition) pilot. Whether flying in a distant thermal, slope soaring at a hill or on a club field on a Sunday afternoon the Dynamic is the answer for the Pilot who is looking for a model optimised for electric flight without compromises in installation or in use.



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