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Blaster 3
Regular (light) / Strong
Wingspan: 1,49m
Length: 1,142m
Profile: AG 45/46/47
 Kit weight: from 210g
Total Area / Loading
Area: 22,86 dm²
RTF Weight (without ballast): 260 g
Ailerons (Flaps)

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Blaster 3 regular and Blaster 3 strong new in 2014. Applying Carboline fabrics could make a light wing construction is extremely tough and rugged. Due to the increased stiffness launch of the model was significantly higher.

The light version of the Blaster 3 - regular wing allows you to win in light wind and a lack of thermals conditions.

Blaster 3 is a long-awaited successor of the award winning line of 1.5m DLG from Vladimir's Model. Blaster 3 is a revolutionary step in development of DLG design based on the experience gained in development and manufacturing of the first two Blaster versions. It meets all the requirements for a competition level glider, while being suitable for intermediate and even inexperienced pilots.

Blaster 3 is designed in CAD from the ground up. It combines unique design, the latest composite materials, the state of the art manufacturing process and careful manual composite layup. Blaster 3's visible simplicity hides its structural sophistication.

Thanks to the advanced aerodynamic design by Dr. Drela and extremely streamlined fuselage, we have developed a uniquely controllable, fast, light, and strong glider with excellent penetration ability.

Through the use of the new ultralight fabrics carboxylic Carboline 26 we
made a new design of the wing 3 Blaster / Blaster 3,5 Regular. This wing has
a total weight of 127-133 grams (depending on color ) . The wing has amazing
strength and rigidity.
Igor Butseroga noted that due to extra wing rigidity he has increased
stability and height of launch.
Due to the fact that regular wing Blaster 3 lighter than the previous
version of the glass Blaster 3 light wing in the future , we will not make
older versions of Blaster 3 light, Blaster and Blaster SC 3 windy.
Instead of version 3 Blaster windy be more lightweight and durable version
of Blaster 3 Strong.
New versions of Blaster 3 and Blaster 3,5 already appeared at Kennedy
Composites and Star Flight Japan. In May, the rest of our dealers will have
the new Blaster versions.
Blaster 3 Regular wing construction
1) Outside layers of Carboline 26 2/45;
2) Inside layers of Carboline 26 2/30;
3) Spar shear web of carbon braid;
4) Core;
5) Rohacell sandwich core;
6) Rear shear web of Rohacell and Carboline 39 2/45;
7) Hinge strip of Kevlar;
8) Rohacell flap core;
9) Spread tow carbon cap strip of the main spar;
10) Flap shear web of Carboline 39 2/45.






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