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Backfire F5F
 Wingspan: 2,44m
Length: 1,23m
Profile:DP 7,81
Kit weight: from 645g
Flying weight:
Wing Loading:
  Total surface area: 36,2dm²
Rudder / Elevator
Ailerons / Flaps / Motor
Price 625.-/675.-EUR
 Posting and Packing extra)
Hotline: 01 70 - 2 36 30 30
Telefon: 06 31 - 350 89 20
Fax: 06 31 - 350 89 21
We reserve the right to change technical specifications and alter prices without prior notification.


Uncompromisingly designed for performance the Backfire has an outstanding performance in Distance mode, combine this with its excellent thermal soaring capabilities and easy handling characteristics and you have a model that is an outstanding performer in every department.A 4S1P- 4500 mAh LiPo and an 18-inch diameter propeller will offer the best option for the ultimate in fun flying whilst still corresponding to the new F5F FAI competition regulations.Suitable drives: Neu 1509 / 1D / 6.7 with a 3S Lipo or the Neu 1509/1,5Y/6,7 with a 4S Lipo. Similar motors from Plettenberg, Hacker or Kontronik would be equally suitable.The normal version of the Backfire is delivered with a one-piece Full Carbon wing with UHM spar.For an additional surcharge and an increased delivery time the build construction can be modified to suit the pilots needs, e.g. The fuselage front section can be from Kevlar cloth, the wing lay-up can be modified for everyday fun flying. For ease of transport the model can be delivered with a three-piece wing instead of the standard one-piece wing. The kit weight of the model will vary with the material and build.

Note! The one-piece wing is recommended for F5F competitions!

The Centre of Gravity (CG) is located approximately 58 mm behind the leading edge.Recommended servos: Vee Tail: Futaba S-3114 or S-3154Ailerons: Volz Wingmax or Hitec HS - 5125 Flaps: Volz Wingmax, Hitec HS-5125 or Futaba S-3150Spinner: 38mmProp. Max. dia. 18 inchTailplane Declage (EWD) : 0°Control Throws:Thermal: Vee Tail: + 0,5mm (Flaps and Ailerons): - 5mmSpeed: (Flaps and Ailerons): + 0,5mm, Vee Tail: + 0,3mmButterfly: Ailerons: + 4mm, Flaps: - 80°. Vee Tail: - 2mmLiPo BatteriesHeight. 35mm max. Width. 46mm max. Length. 170mm max.!!!



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Technical questions should be addressed to:-
Brian Anderson Tel: **44 191 3887649
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